Polyphonic Choruses Association of Turkey

"Let the People Sing In A Universal Way"


Why we are here:

Knowing the effectiveness and importance of polyphonic choral music, we gathered to spread this type of music among our society and to help Turkish Choral Music get the place it seserves in Universal Music World.

What we do:

Gathering the people ,who wants to work with us and especially whose occupation is not related to music, to associate poyphonic choruses among all age groups, to serve the community by concerts, records, CD,radio-TV broadcasts, seminars etc. , to make people produce new choral works and to help them to be performed good enough.

What we have done:

* 6 choruses which are Minikler chorus,Children chorus,Youth chorus, Girls chorus, Mixed chorus and Elite chorus
* Over 150concerts of these choruses
* For 4 years "Chorus Festival Among High Schools" in Ankara
* Since 1995 "Turkey Choruses Festival"
* Since 1993 "Special Awards of Polyphonic Choral Music!"
* Seminars
* A lot of radio and TV records, over 45 broadcasts
* Parties :) and picnic organizations

What we want to do:

* Go on with what we're doing
* Make competitions and other organisations about choral music.
* Have more members who wants to work for our aims
* Get not only in Turkey but also international activities


If you think so;"Let's work an sing together!"



You can contact us via e-mail at webmaster@polifonik.org , or using the following addresses:


Central Office:   Liaison Office:
Erdem Carsisi No:1 Ilkyerlesim mah. Batikent/ANKARA-TURKIYE .................... Gökdelen 14 /1410 Kizilay/ANKARA-TURKIYE
Phone: +90(312) 255 67 51   Phone: +90(312)417 16 14
Fax : +90 (312) 417 16 13


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